Traditional Martial Arts Center

10th Gup Testing Requirements

Basic Commands





Kyung Yet



Chung Gul Chaseh

Front Stance

Hugul Chaseh

Fighting Stance

Kima Chaseh

Horse Riding Stance


Geichu Hyung Ilbu

Basic Form First.

Kicking Techniques

Ahp Chagi

Front Kick

Yop Chagi

Side Kick

Tolyo Chagi

Round House Kick

Ahneso Pahkero Chagi

Inside-Outside Kick

One Steps

White Belt #1

White Belt #2

Self Defense

One Hand Pull Away

Pull towards the attackers thumb. As you pull, yell “No!” Then run away.

Two Hand Pull Away

Use your free hand to grab the controlled hand. Pull both hands up. As you pull, yell “No!” Then run away.

Other Information

Traditional Martial Arts Center

Name of our school

Tang Soo Do

Name of the Martial Art we study. Translates to “Chinese Hand Way.”

South Korea

Tang Soo Do’s country of origin. 

Sah Bom (Master) Susan Jackson

Chief Instructor. 7th Dan 

Have fun. Do your best. Don’t quit.

Three rules of the kids class.

Belt System

White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Red, Black.