Traditional Martial Arts Center

9th Gup Testing Requirements

Basic Commands


Stop or Finish


Bow and Rest






Geichu Hyung Ibu

Basic Form Second.

Kicking Techniques

Edan Ahp Chagi

Jumping Front Kick

Pahkeso Ahnero Chagi

Outside-Inside Kick

One Steps

Yellow Belt #1

Yellow Belt #2

Self Defense

One Hand Response

Using the free hand, execute an elbow strike followed by a brachial strike. Grab the attacker’s shoulder and follow with two knee strikes.

Backwards Break Fall

Falling backwards safely with control.

Forward Break fall

Falling forward safely with control.

Other Information

Strict Rules for Safety

At TMAC we have strict rules in class that everyone must follow. These rules help keep everyone safe and help everyone learn faster!


Year the Traditional Martial Arts Center was founded 

“Rank and Seniority” 

When lining up in class, we stand in order of RANK (what gup level you are) and SENIORITY (how long you’ve had your rank). 

Chamber Hand 

When punching or blocking, one hand executes the technique while the second hand always pulls back into the “chamber” position.

Gup Levels

10th Gup – White belt 

9th Gup – Yellow belt 

8th-7th Gup – Orange belt

6th-4th Gup – Green belt 

3rd-1st Gup – Red belt