Traditional Martial Arts Center

4th Gup Testing Requirements

Basic Commands

Kwan Jang Nim

Grand Master

Sang Soo 

Two Hand 


Pyung Ahn Sadan

Calm and Peace of Mind, Fourth.

Kicking Techniques

Idan Yop Chagi

Jumping Side Kick

Idan Tolyo Chagi

Jumping Roundhouse Kick

One Steps

Continue Advanced One Steps

Demonstrate between 6-9 Advanced One Steps.

Self Defense

Knife Defense

Inside-outside slash, Front thrust 

Other Information

“Patterns of Response”

Often used during sparring, “patterns of response” refers to how your partner or opponent will respond to your techniques. As you spar, your opponent will likely learn to read your movements and predict your techniques. In other words, he or she will learn your “patterns.” This can be used to your advantage by strategically changing from a predictable movement to an unpredictable movement.

Shihan Dennis Hooker

Dennis Hooker Sensei (6th Dan) founded the “Shindai Aikikai.” Shindai Aikikai is an Aikido Dojo located in Orlando, FL. Grandmaster Blackburn, Master Marn and Master Schmidt have all been direct students of Dennis Hooker Sensei. He was also responsible for bringing the Jo form to our school.

Master Michael Campos

Master Campos (9th Dan) is the founder of “Zendokai.” Zendaokai has influenced much of our self defense training and techniques. Master Jackson is a 7th Dan is Zendokai, under Master Gifford (8th Dan).